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Buddha Belly Day Retreat

Feed your soul with yoga, meditation and nutritious food

When was the last time you looked down at your belly and gave it a pat and a rub and just said ‘Thank you’~? We live in a culture that celebrates tight abs, but if we hold ourselves in too tightly, we can sabotage our breath and the flow of intuitive wisdom that comes from this integral part of ourselves. Deep belly breathing is one of the best ways to reduce stress and anxiety; calm nerves; and find a sense of compassion, confidence, and acceptance in your being.

On Saturday 4th June, we had our first ever Buddha Belly Day Retreat in collaboration with Barefoot Yoga and Wellbeing showing some much needed love to our Buddha Bellies, with yoga, meditation and nutritious food in our lovely retreat centre in the heart of Dedham. You can try out some of the fabulous recipes from the day by clicking HERE.

Here's how the day went...

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9:30am ~ Welcome Refreshments and Morning Graze

Fresh cold-pressed carrot, ginger, pineapple and cucumber juice

Mint, lemon and cucumber-infused water

Herbal Teas

Ultimate Energy Bites 

10:00am ~ Buddha Belly Flow Yoga with Lou Hart

11:30am ~ Nutritious Vegan Brunch

Sourdough (freshly baked at the Garden Cafe at Munnings) with Mashed Avocado and lemon with cayenne pepper

Roasted tomatoes and rocket salad

12:30pm ~ Buddha Belly Wellness Talk in the garden 

1:30pm ~ Deep Buddha Belly Breathing and Meditation with Lou Hart

Restorative hatha and yin yoga combined with guided mindfulness meditation 

2:30pm ~ Healthy Afternoon Tea

Vegetable tart

Zucchini Fritters

Hummus with vegetable crisps

Raw chocolate orange brownies

Fruit skewers

3:30pm ~ Fulfilled Farewells

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Our guests left feeling refreshed and restored after spending the day enjoying a healthy balance of laughter, gratitude, sunshine and nutritious soul food.

We're now planning our next Day Retreat for Saturday 17th September 2016. Space is limited to 7 people so book early ♥ £95 for the day, including food and refreshments. Sign up below for more information or if you feel ready to book click on the Book Now button and search for the date in our schedule to reserve your space online. Otherwise feel free to call me on 07947 438430.

Plenty of parking available in the Dedham car park on Mill Lane, just a few minutes walk away. Three bedrooms available for discounted rate of £75/night for retreat guests from afar. In just over an hour from London by train you can find yourself in the heart of unspoiled countryside. We can arrange for a car to meet you at Manningree station.