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Pisces New Moon

Dream on Dreamer

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Fantasy Becomes Reality

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Everything you can imagine is real.

~ Picasso

"I surrender to the motion and flow."

Throughout meditation this week the above mantra has organically evolved in the voice of my inner teacher as a way to ride the waves of what feels like increasing abundantly creative Pisces energy. The stellium of planets and astral bodies gathering in Neptune's watery realm this week is giving us a fantastical opportunity to manifest our deepest dreams into reality here on New Earth.

As we approach the New Moon in Pisces on Saturday 13th March 2021, I'm reflecting on my journey towards practising and teaching AstroYoga which has been a natural progression that started with an exploration of Shakti - the primordial divine feminine energy of the universe that is on the rise, after being subjugated for almost three thousand years. Through my personal practice, I was drawn intuitively to tune into the Shakti Flow by feeling through the phases of the moon. I can't help noticing the synchronicity of the moon's journey this week through the final signs of the zodiac, which feels like a final clearing of any remaining emotional debris of 2020 to make space for our brand new astrological year, that really begins with Saturday's New Moon.

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Pisces is ruled by Neptune (Poseidon in Greek pantheon), brother of Jupiter (Zeus) and Pluto (Hades); who all collectively preside over the realms of Heaven, the Earthly world (our waking state) , and the Underworld (our subconscious or dream state). In the Tarot Neptune is represented by The Hanged Man and is known as The Spirit of the Mighty Ones. Pisces is represented in the Tarot by The Moon card and is known as Ruler of Flux and Reflux.

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On Wednesday 10th March Neptune joins the Sun and Venus in his domain of Pisces, so we could feel a powerful amplification of dreams and the potential to delve deeper into our imaginations and harness an unusually fluid creative flow. You may have already been experiencing heightened awareness of your dream state throughout Pisces season, but this week could bring you face to face with the darkest corners of your subconscious. If you can keep a dream journal by your bed and capture the essence of your dreams in writing as soon as you awaken they could illuminate important messages from your Higher Self, the dream maker. You may want to get yourself a dream catcher and hang it over or near your bed to help capture the vital guidance coming through at this time.

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Your dreams always carry clues for how to navigate the waking state. They are not to be taken literally and can often be quite confusing. Remember that al characters in your dreams are part of your psyche, as explained beautifully by psychologist Carl Jung.

I like to seek extra clarification from my Higher Self dream maker by consulting the Tarot and other Oracle cards. Here is a 5 card spread that I use on mornings when my dreams have felt particularly important and mysterious.

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As you can see in the image above, the first card at the centre is the Dreamer - or you - and the role you are playing in the dream. The second card is the overarching Theme of the dream for you to reflect on. The third card reveals how the dream connects to an event we have experienced in the waking state. The fourth card is what is repressed, or what your subconscious is bringing to the surface. The final fifth card is the lesson that your dream maker is helping you to realise through this method of contemplation. If you want further clarification then you can choose another deck and ask for exactly that. Obviously, we don't have time to do this every morning, but I like to make time to do this every Sunday morning and use whatever comes through as the impetus for what I call Sunday Scripting. Coming back to that notion of Life imitating Art, scripting is a journaling practice where you write up your desired reality as if it is already manifested in your life. You let your imagination run wild and let go of any inhibiting logistical thoughts about how you're going to get there. Below is my Dream Spread for the New Moon in Pisces. Using the classical Rider Waite deck and Beyond Lemuria oracle deck. I start by taking three deep intentional breaths and feeling my feet firmly connected with Mother Earth. I connect into my Higher Self by announcing myself with the energy of my birth card (see below for how to find yours). My birth card is The Empress which is Venus and Daughter of the Mighty Ones. So I say in my mind or out loud, " I, Lou Hart, Daughter of the Mighty Ones call on Horus, the Great Angel of the Tarot to help me see, hear and feel my dream-maker's message more clearly."

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Interestingly three Pages appear in the (1) Dreamer, (4) What is repressed and (5) Lesson positions. Pages are the first in the court cards of the Minor Arcana in the Tarot and tend to represent the root of their element and thus there is a sense that we are being called back to restore stable foundations from which we can restart our journey towards self mastery. The Page of Swords here in the Dreamer position is the Princess of the Rushing Winds or Lotus of the Palace of Air which makes me think of our collective shift towards the Age of Aquarius. We are not matured into the Queen just yet but we are most definitely on our way. Swords is Air energy and represents intellectual thought and truth. I see this as encouragement to continue taking courage to live more authentically and find ways to overcome fears of judgement or criticism of others when we share and live our truth. The V Swords as the overarching theme in the spread speaks to coming through a prolonged period of conflict and emerging victorious. Perhaps this conflict has felt like an internal battle about not being good enough or struggling to communicate our truth clearly. This feels like a timely reminder of the intentions we set at the Aquarius New Moon. The connected event in the waking state for all of us is the Queen of Cups in reverse which speaks to the emotional pain we have all been travelling through over the past year. This can also be a call for self care and kindness. It's definitely a good idea to go easy on ourselves at this time and notice where in our lives we are fighting the flow, or natural rhythm of life. This could also be a caution of illusion or fogginess around this new moon and with it a call to let yourself rest and recalibrate. The repressed Page of Cups is the inner child that is crying out through the dream state to be set free in any creative endeavours you may be feeling called to dive into. The Page of Cups is the Princess of the Waters and the Lotus, taking us back to the beginning of the mastery of the emotions, giving us a chance to release trauma and start over. Our collective lesson in this New Moon is the Page of Pentacles, Princess of the Echoing Hills or Rose of the Palace of Earth, reassurance that we are starting to acquire the skills of manifesting our dreams here in the reality of New Earth. The lesson felt like it needed further investigation, so I consulted the Beyond Lemuria Oracle which contains 'New Earth Codes and Wisdoms for Our Ancient Future"

Two cards fell out while I was asking for clarification - Lumin Essence and Life Force Energy.

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I was particularly drawn to Life Force Energy above because I love how this card features the two dolphins of Pisces. They appear to be leaping in the sky above our Goddess Venus bathing in the radiance of Neptune's healing waters, with Gaia's abundant life force flourishing all around. See how the energy is lifted upwards towards the thousand-petaled rainbow lotus of the Crown chakra. The message coming through loud and clear for this New Moon is a reminder to seek joy and fulfilment in everything we do. It's time to realise how interconnected our Life Force Energy is. So let's carefully consider the foods that we eat, the environments we spend our time in, the people in our life, and even the things that we wear. It's time to increase our awareness of how all that we come into contact with enters our world, the journey it takes to get to us and how that effects our energetic resonance.

Journal Prompt

What makes you feel alive and vibrant?

This is an optimal time to work with frequency-based healing energies such as Reiki and crystals (note my Lemurian Quartz above which is forever charging my cards). This is also time to get out in nature and if you're blessed with a garden space then start growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables. Even if you are in an apartment you can still sow seeds on a window ledge and watch how they grow quickly with the biodynamic flow of the lunar cycle. We are being encouraged to make our lives here on the New Earth a piece of what we imagine Eden to be like. When we reclaim our divine right to be connected with the abundance of Mother Earth and the cycles of life here we will start to shine brighter with deeply rooted genuine vitality. This is the loudest call to action coming from this New Moon, ushering in new beginnings and new hope for reclaiming our collective health in 2021.

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Lymphatic cleansing

Pisces rules the lymphatic system which can only really be cleansed through movement. Start your AstroYoga practice with gentle flowing asana sequences inspired by Qi Gong to clear and activate the lymph nodes. Set your inner child free with some dancing to your favourite music to lift your spirits. Here's a playlist that I created for yesterday's class....

Once you've shaken loose all that you need to then restore your energy with Viparita Karani - the Great Rejuvenator aka legs up the wall (I've said it before and I will keep saying it for eternity, try to make time to do this for 20 mins daily and notice improved sleep, digestion and circulation), supported shoulder stand Sarvangasana using the wall - and of course, in honour of our beloved Pisces - Matsyasana aka fish pose. Those who missed the live class can still benefit from the recording, so please get in touch if you'd like to try it out.

Love Your Feet

This Pisces New Moon is also calling for some extra loving for your beautiful feet that connect you to life on this Earth. Take a look at the chart below to familiarise yourself with the different reflexology points on the feet and if you are experiencing any health conditions in particular areas of the body then giving yourself a regular foot massage with the corresponding essential oil will help tremendously, probably way more than you can imagine. If you need any particular essential oils then let me know and I can help you get the purest form available on the planet.

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New Moon Essential Oils

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For this New Moon I feel called to play with essential oils associated with the key planets of this Pisces Stellium. So I've come up with my own blend, feel free to let your intuition guide you to what works for you, see below some ideas to get you going.

New Moon Blend
Cypress (2 drops) Motion and Flow, Wintergreen (1 drop) Surrender, Frankincense (2 drop) Truth, Hawaiian Sandalwood (1 drop) Sacred Devotion

Add the above to your diffuser and absorb the uplifting benefits while practising AstroYoga or reading your cards and journaling about your dreams.

If you don't have Sandalwood you can substitute with Geranium and Copaiba or Cedarwood. Always play with what you have and practice trusting your body's innate wisdom, these are only suggestions.

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New Moon Chakra Activating Practice

Please note that I only recommend taking doTERRA internally. Always consult your physician about possible contraindications if you are on any medication or have a health condition.

Frankincense (Sun - Father Sky)
Apply to thumb and hold in roof of mouth

Myrrh (Gaia - Mother Earth)
Massage 1-2 drops in carrier oil to throat and nape of neck

Hawaiian Sandalwood (Venus) - 1 drop on crown

Third Eye
|Blue Lotus (Neptune) roll on brow centre
or Lavender

Heart (any of the following)
Rose or Geranium (Venus)
roll on or 1-2 drops on heart

Solar Plexus
Arbor Vitae - Oil of Divine Grace - Tree of Life - release control (Gaia)
1-2 drops in carrier oil on upper abdomen

Jasmine (Moon)
Oil of Sexual Purity and Balance

Roll on sacred bowl around lower abdomen

Cypress - (Neptune)
Oil of Motion and Flow
Massage into the soles of your feet and at the root of your tailbone

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Major Arcana

Add up your date of birth number ie 10th March 1985= 1+3+1+9+8+5 = 27

Add these two figures together to find a single number ie 2+7 =9

Do not alter numbers 22 and 11 as these are master numbers and should be left alone.

(22 becomes 0 - The Fool).

Pick the Major Arcana card from below that corresponds – this is your birth card!

In the case above, this would be The Hermit.What your birth card means: Describes your mission and purpose in life, a character trait that you are using or failing to use to your best advantage; a challenge or goal that is likely to be with you for most of your life. Once you have found this card you can use it in new moon and full moon rituals and spells to connect with and harness the power of your Higher Self. I will share more about this in future posts.

0 (22) - The Fool - The Spirit of Aethyr - Uranus, or Air

I - The Magician - Magus of Power - Mercury

II - The High Priestess - The Priestess of the Silver Star - Moon

III - The Empress - Daughter of the Mighty Ones - Venus

IV - The Emperor - Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty - Aries ruled by Mars

V - The Hierophant - Magus of the Eternal - Taurus, ruled by Venus

VI - The Lovers - Children of the Voice, Oracle of the Mighty Gods - Gemini, ruled by Mercury

VII - The Chariot - Child of the Powers of the Waters, Lord of the Triumph of Light - Cancer, ruled by the Moon

VIII - Strength - Daughter of the Flaming Sword, Leader of the Lion - Leo, ruled by the Sun

IX - The Hermit - Prophet of the Eternal, Magus of the Voice of Power - Virgo, ruled by Mercury

X - The Wheel of Fortune - Lord of the Forces of Life - Jupiter

XI - Justice - Daughter of the Lords of Truth, Ruler of the Balance - Libra, ruled by Venus

XII - The Hanged Man - Spirit of the Mighty Ones - Neptune

XIII - Death - Child of the Great Transformers, Lord of the Gates of Death - Scorpio, ruled by Mars/Pluto

XIV -Temperance - Daughter of the Reconcilers, Bringer Forth of Life - Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter

XV - The Devil - Lord of the Gates of Matter, Child of the Forces of Time - Capricorn, ruled by Saturn

XVI - The Tower - Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty - Mars

XVII -The Star - Daughter of the Firmament, Dweller between the Waters - Aquarius

XVIII - The Moon - Ruler of Flux and Reflux - Pisces, ruled by Neptune

XIX - The Sun - Lord of the Fire of the World - The Sun

XX - Judgement - Spirit of Primal Fire - Pluto

XXI - The World - Great One of the Night of Time - Saturn

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If all of this lights you up then I have plenty of room for you to come and zoom with us LIVE each week for AstroYoga on Transformation Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am GMT ~ or if you can’t make that time then you can still benefit from doing the practice by watching the recording. Each week's practice is choreographed to bring you into harmony with the cosmic energies of the whole week.

If you're experiencing financial challenges then reach out directly and I'm happy to share the practice to support you during these transitional times.

If you feel called to book a live space or recording, all paths lead from clicking the button below. Or if you have enjoyed reading this then enter your email below to subscribe to receive my weekly cosmic energy updates.

So much LOVE to you

Lou xoxox