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Pisces Season

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Revelation and Purification

We started the week on Monday 15th February with Venus in Aquarius trining the North Node of the Moon, highlighting how our values are aligning with our collective soul purpose, that which has brought us to live on Earth at this time. We may have been experiencing this as somewhat of a mental and emotional spring clean of old limiting beliefs. We may have been surprising ourselves by finding courage to share our truth without fearing how it will be received. The planet Venus rules money and relationships, and as the divine feminine archetype, when she trines our North Node if we have spirit guides or guardian angels we may receive more guidance through ideas and thought forms for the next steps we are being called to take on our path. Notice if you are struggling with any underlying need to achieve or whether you're craving acknowledgement. Venus will reawaken your inner sacred feminine and show you what to let go of and as you surrender to the flow, what is in your vibrational alignment will come to you. The key word for this week is ALLOW....

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Dedham Swans

For AstroYoga on Transformation Tuesday this week, the waxing moon was in Aries and energetically it was a day of humility, grace and love. In anticipation of Pisces season that starts on Thursday 18th February, we may be experiencing our intuitive nature strengthening. We also had Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras or Pancake Day, which is always fun to participate in. If we look back at the origins of these sacred days, it is interesting to note that the word Februar comes from Latin and in Roman times this month involved lots of purification rituals. Some of these ancient pagan practices have transmuted into our modern day annual holy days for a reason. Today we are allowed to eat up as many pancakes as we wish in preparation for Lent which starts tomorrow on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of a 40 day cleanse.

What daily habits are you releasing for the next 40 days in the run up to the Spring Equinox or Ostara (Easter)? This doesn't have to be food or drink related. It could be an outdated limiting belief that you want to consciously let go of. Or perhaps you may feel called to take a break from all of the noise on social media or a embrace a new approach to how you manage your relationship with technology.

Saturn Squares Uranus

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On Wednesday 17th February Saturn squares Uranus for the first of three times in 2021, creating a tension between the opposing forces of the old and the new.

A square in astrology means that two planets are positioned at 90 degrees to one another, which creates a volatility that can trigger major shifts and big surprises. This pivotal alignment happens on 17th February, 14th June and finally on 24th December in 2021. So the push-pull between what we collectively believe is real and a newly emerging paradigm will evolve throughout this year as a classical three act play i.e. beginning, middle and end. You may well experience this as an internal struggle, re-evaluating your boundaries while creating space for your own evolution. These are indeed tumultuous times and while this energy may impact the outside world with major structural reorganisation particularly within government and financial sectors, if we can use this time to tend to our own internal world it will be much easier to adapt.

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Interestingly, In Greek mythology, Saturn was Cronus, the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans ~ the divine descendants of Uranus, Father Sky, and Gaia, Mother Earth. Saturn overthrew his father Uranus and subsequently ruled during the mythological Golden Age, until he was overthrown by his own son Zeus (Jupiter) and imprisoned in Tartarus.

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"The Mutilation of Uranus by Saturn" by Giorgio Vasari and Gherardi Christofano

16th century Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy

In astrology, Saturn represents rules, boundaries, restrictions, government, establishment, big business, maturity, responsibility, order, and structure. Uranus represents freedom, innovation, doing things differently, new perspectives, anti-establishment, maverick energy, requiring us to expand our minds. Uranus as the outer planet is more powerful and therefore will reclaim his dominance over Saturn, striking like a bolt of lightning, smashing through the old order to shine a light on any untruths. We will no longer be willing to tolerate deception and Uranus will empower us to find innovative ways to cultivate more equality, breaking down hierarchy, and uncovering new technologies to support our collective efforts. to move forward.

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Pisces season starts on Thursday 18th February, alleviating the intensity of the mental air element of Aquarius and taking us for a dip into the water, which could make us more aware of our emotional body. Pisces in one word is soulful. Pisces rules the feet and the lymphatic system in the physical body and the sacral chakra or Svadhistana, the dwelling place of the self in the subtle body. Our practice this week will be focussed on bringing the fire of the Aries moon into balance with the water of the Pisces Sun on the horizon, through some Shatkarma (cleansing practices), Pranayama, Asana, and Yoga Nidra. When we bring our fire element (solar plexus) into harmony with our water (sacred bowl) this creates an internal dance of the yin and the yang (much like the Pisces symbol) which spins to create steam that rises to illuminate our heart space ~ the Anahata ~ making us more compassionate and courageous. We also cleanse the lymphatic system through a Qi Gong inspired warmup, before a gentle flowing asana sequence that will prepare us for our favourite, rejuvenating Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) into Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), closing (appropriately) with thyroid-activating Matsyasana (Fish).

Things you will need for the practice: tissues, meditation cushion, block or thick book, blankets, clear wall space or door.

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Essential Oils to anoint and diffuse: doTERRA's Adaptiv Blend

Wild Orange ~ Abundance

Lavender ~ Communication & Calm

Copaiba ~ Unveiling

Spearmint ~ Confident Speech

Magnolia ~ Compassion

Rosemary ~ Knowledge & Transition

Neroli ~ Shared purpose and partnership

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On Saturday 20th February Mercury stations direct which could feel like a lift in strained or delayed communications and if technological glitches have been wreaking havoc over the past few weeks while it was in retrograde, then this should also be alleviated.. If you are embracing the the cleansing energies of Februar then it could be a great weekend for opening up the windows and clearing away the cobwebs. soaking in a rejuvenating epsom salt bath with 3-4 drops of Adaptiv will also help you ease on in to Pisces season, the 12th and final sign in the zodiac marking a time of culminations before we start the new astrological new year later in March, With the moon waxing towards a deeply healing Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th February all of the cleansing and releasing that you're doing now will be rewarded.

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Plenty of room to come and zoom with us LIVE each week for AstroYoga on Transformation Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am GMT ~ or if you can’t make that time then you can still benefit from doing the practice by watching the recording. Each week's practice is choreographed to bring you into harmony with the cosmic energies of the whole week. if you feel called to book a live space or recording, all paths lead from clicking the button below. Or if you have enjoyed reading this then enter your email below to subscribe to receive my weekly cosmic energy updates.

So much LOVE to you

Lou xoxox