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Relaxation Reading for Savasana

While preparing to teach basic breathing and relaxation as part of my British Wheel of Yoga 500 hour diploma this past weekend, I discovered a beautiful reading that was written by YogaWorks teacher Haruyo Matsukubo to help teachers teach "Savasana". Savasana is the ultimate resting pose that usually comes at the end of a yoga practice. What's particularly wonderful about this reading is that it involves a visualisation of a candle wick running through the body, which when lit from within enables us to share the glow of love. This is rather appropriate for me as I am living in a 16th century candle factory, The Tallow Factory, which is where I am planning to host digital detox, yoga and mindfulness retreats. I have also just done a quick voice recording on my iPhone and uploaded to Soundcloud which you can listen to if you click on the below button. I hope that listening to this will help you find some relaxation and peace. This could be a helpful recording to listen to before bedtime as well. 

Savasana, deep relaxation. Lie down comfortably on your back with your knees bent. Lengthen your tailbone down toward your feet. Extend your right leg out, leading with your heel. Now do the same on the left. Let the muscles in your legs relax and melt into the floor. Draw your shoulder blades down your back. From the shoulder socket, rotate your arms out to open the chest. Your inner arms should face the ceiling and your outer arms release down. Revolve your palms open.

Gently allow your eyes to close and quietly soften your breath. Notice the subtle rise and fall of your chest. Release your jaw, and relax your tongue. Notice how your throat relaxes. Let go of any tension you may have stored in your face, especially around your eyebrows and cheeks.

Notice how your shoulders melt into the floor and how their weight releases the arms. Think of your palms open toward the ceiling, how they do not ask for anything. They are in the position of receiving. Notice how your fingertips float around your palms and how they do not grasp or grip. They are waiting to accept.

Follow your consciousness to your ribs. Notice how subtle their movements are, as if trying not to disturb you. Think of your legs that work so hard to carry you throughout your daily routine and how they are now melting into the floor like the wax of a candle.

If your body is the wax that’s melting to the floor, then your heart is the flame that burns within your heart centre giving life to you and love to others. Think of the wick that runs through your body. How it reaches to your third eye, the space between your eyebrows, and gives love through thought. How it reaches to your mouth and gives love through words. How it reaches to your hands and gives love through action. Think of how strong that wick is and how much love it can carry when lit from within. Rest in this peace. Be revived with this peace. Let the light support you. Share the glow.


 - Haruyo Matsukubo, YogaWorks