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Staying Positive as Summer Ends

As we come to the end of summer here in England, I'm setting new intentions to maintain my positive energy throughout autumn and winter. That's why this is the perfect time to open our yoga studio at The Tallow Factory in Dedham. It is a lovely big room with plenty of head space provided by a high beamed ceiling in the top floor of a Tudor candle factory. As always I'm flying by the seat of my (yoga)pants so will not have photos of the space until the eve of opening. In the meantime, use your imagination. Some of you may instantly get the poetic symbolism of practicing yoga and meditation in a candle factory. Others of you may not. Either way is fine. Yoga is, after all, a personal journey and therefore what it means to me, may not have the same meaning for you. So for now, let me share with you what it means to me. 
When I made the decision to move back to live in The Tallow Factory I had been meditating on a Celtic version of the Gayatri mantra for several months. The mantra is a simple one, 
You, who are the source of all power, 
Whose rays illuminate the world,  
Illuminate also my heart
So that it too can do your work. 
While reciting this, I visualized the sun's rays streaming forth into the world, entering my heart, then streaming out from my heart centre and back into the world. It is a powerful and life-enhancing meditation which led me to where I am today. While working to illuminate my inner light, I was also setting the intention to let my inner light shine through action. I was aware that my mother needed help and rather than resisting the natural urge to do so, which I had done for many years due to a fear that I would lose sight of my own goals, I embraced the opportunity to show her my gratitude. Her response was to help me in return. By allowing my inner light to shine, I created a positive environment for myself and those nearest and dearest to me. So to come full circle, back home to this magical place where candles were made for centuries to help illuminate the lives of the surrounding community, I can now use the same space to help people illuminate their own inner, metaphorical, candles. 
As the days start to get shorter, and we have less opportunity to soak up rays of sunshine, it is still possible to generate a warmth and positivity from within ourselves. By setting our intention to generate a positive inner glow and by choosing to spend our time doing restorative and energizing activities we can appreciate the beautiful changes of the season without letting darkness cloud our perspective. 

This autumn I am teaching four weekly classes and an inner radiance day retreat on Saturday 10th november. .Join me for energising rise and shine yoga on Tuesday and thursday mornings and Restorative Hatha Yoga on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. All of my classes are tailored to be inclusive of all levels and my main objective is to help you establish your own personal practice.


However you choose to spend your autumn, I wish you all a warm and balanced transitional season.

Let your inner light shine.

Blessings ~



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