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new moon

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I'm writing this on 11th january 2021 in preparation for our second astroyoga class Tomorrow ~ which is a particularly auspicious day for us to come together and set new intentions (sankalpa) harnessing the energy of the New Moon in Capricorn which will peak at 05:01 GMT, just after midnight tomorrow here in the UK on 13th January 2021. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign ruled by Saturn (ambition, stability, structure, time, patience), which is currently in Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus (Father Sky - the unknown, revolutionary, new beginnings, surprises) who is currently having a love fest with his beloved Mother Earth "Gaia" in Taurus, ruled by Venus (love, values, earthly possessions)... so our foundations may feel destabilised by all of this powerful cosmic energy this week. We are being asked by Mother Earth and Father Sky to tune in to what we value the most (Venus) about our home (Gaia) and allow old structures, limiting beliefs to fall away (Saturn in Aquarius), opening ourselves up to innovative (Aquarius) revolutionary ideas (Uranus) for finding harmony on this New Earth that is unfolding. Opening our hearts to unconditional LOVE will show us new ways to create stability but it will require patience with ourselves and the Collective. It is time to call our power back from all times and places and to remember that we belong here. Our practice will foster a sense of reconnecting to our roots in the Earth and remind us that we are capable of restoring harmony. The process starts within so we can help lift the frequency without. So, we will be doing a very grounding practice tomorrow, with a focus on restoring balance to our root chakra the Muladhara. If you have any of the following doTERRA essential oil blends, I recommend diffusing whichever one calls to you while we practice: Adaptiv, Anchor or Balance. Or if you have single oils like Lavender or Frankincense then those will also work well. You might also enjoy anointing the crown of the head, temples, brow centre, behind the ears and base of your spine before practice. Have your oil of choice handy for a self foot massage before our closing Yoga Nidra.

I've had various conversations this last week with friends and family about how it has felt like we're on a rollercoaster of emotions, one minute feeling elated and the next exhausted and in floods of tears. One friend likened the collective energy to moving through the water like a porpoise, alternately rising above it all and then submerging back down into the darkest depths. Another dear friend said she felt like Olivia Newton-John at the end of the movie Grease, on that ride at the fun fair, holding on tightly to John Travolta, claiming what she wants, all the while rocking up and down in a constant balancing act. So, my intention is to facilitate a thoroughly grounding practice to reconnect with your inner stability.

While preparing for tomorrow's class, it occurred to me that the Porpoise is reminiscent of the ancient Greek Sea-Goat that is the origin of the Capricorn constellation myth, so I've investigated the story and if you've got time and are interested you can read more below.


Capricorn Mythology ~

The Story Behind The Capricorn Constellation

The Capricorn zodiac sign is often interpreted as being either a goat or a sea-goat, which is basically a creature with the front half of a goat and the tail of a fish. In actuality, both goat and sea-goat are appropriate symbols to represent Capricorn mythology.

The story behind the Capricorn zodiac sign begins with the sea-goat Pricus, the father of the mythological race of sea-goats, who are said to have been intelligent and honourable creatures that lived in the sea near the shore. They could speak and think and were favoured by the gods.

Pricus is tied to Chronos, the god of time in Greek mythology and known as Saturn in Roman mythology. Chronos (son of Uranus and Gaia) was the creator of the immortal Pricus, who shared Chronos’ ability to manipulate time.

The legend that ties Pricus to Capricorn mythology begins when the younger sea-goats, Pricus' children, found their way onto the shore. The sea-goats were naturally drawn to the shore, using their front goat legs to pull themselves onto the beach and lay in the sun. However, the longer they stayed on shore, the more they "evolved" from sea-goats into regular goats. Their fish tails become hind legs and they lost their ability to think and speak, essentially becoming the goats that we know today.

This upset Pricus a great deal. As the father of the sea-goat race, he was determined to make sure that his children never got to the shore.

If they did, he feared they would become mindless animals never able to return to the sea.

After losing several of his children to the land, Pricus decided to use his ability to reverse time in an attempt to force his children to return to the sea. During this time reversal, everything on Earth, except Pricus, reversed itself to where it was previously, thus the sea-goats reverted back to the time before they returned to land.

Pricus, being unaffected by the time shift, was the only one who knew what was to become of the sea-goats. He tried to warn them, even forbid them from setting foot onto the shore, but no matter what he did, or how many times he reversed time, the sea-goats eventually still found their way onto land and becAme regular goats.

The pivotal moment in Capricorn mythology occurred when Pricus finally realised that he could not control the destiny of his children, and that trying to keep them in the sea would never work, no matter how many times he tried to "start over". He resigned himself to his loneliness, choosing to no longer reverse time, and instead letting his children's lives unfold with their own destiny.

Devastated and feeling purposeless, Pricus begged Chronos to let him die, as he could not bear to be the only sea-goat left. However, Chronos instead allowed him to live out his immortality in the sky, as the constellation Capricornus. Now he can watch over his children from the stars, even when they reach the highest mountaintops.

it's not too late to book a space for tomorrow morning's live class on zoom at 10:00am-11:30am on Tuesday 12/01/2021 ~ if you can't join us live then you can still receive a recording to practice at your leisure.