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root down to rise up

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Aquarius Season takes flight

On Tuesday 19th January the sun joins Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury in the fixed air sign of Aquarius. This may intensify the "great shift" that our collective has been moving through together since the "Great conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn on the winter solstice 21st December 2020. Over the past week we have been feeling a big cosmic conversation between the energies On these planets in aquarius with Uranus (the great awakener) and Mars (Masculine archetype) moving closer towards one another in fixed earth sign Taurus (ruled by Venus - feminine Archetype). as these powerful energies have been playing together in the skies, down here on earth we may have been finding it harder than ever to stay grounded.

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Wednesday 20th January promises to be a VERY BIG day astrologically, with Uranus and mars coming together in 6/7 degrees of taurus. This could mean something shocking or explosive might knock us all off our feet. Or it could mean we experience a massive breakthrough or sudden realisation of some kind. So it is more important than ever to practice self care in the most basic way this week – this means hydrating, eating well, walking in nature, meditating and getting plenty of rest and sleep..

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OVer the past week, these energies may have been making you feel impatient, restless or even annoyed or agitated. This likely has been the effects of the fire element of Mars bouncing off the moon conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) in aries. this combination may have triggered you to examine what parts of your life you want to shake off. You may have grown restless with something in your life that you simply no longer have the mental capacity to handle any more. You may have been feeling the great shift on a cellular level and could have found yourself saying, "I’ve changed. I’m a new person." The reality is that as a collective we have all been moving through some major shifts, so on a personal level this may have felt like a very deep healing journey. or you may be reminded about what it is that brought you to Earth and what you’re tasked to master in this lifetime. However these energies may have been affecting you, it's important that you Trust that all is happening right on time.

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The Best way to navigate this coming week is to allow your contemplation to take your perspective higher – whether in your dreams or in the waking state imagine yourself floating high above the clouds and beyond the noise and chaos – connect with your higher self's perspective. You can elevate your perspective and tune in to see and hear more clearly through meditation that facilitates opening the Ajna ~ third eye chakra. ~ Harnessing these energies this week will strengthen the pituitary and pineal glands which have the potential to evolve to give us new spiritual tools to tap into our innate intuition. Many of us may already be experiencing an awakening of heightened psychic abilities, and noticing more positive changes in the physical world which are manifestations of shifts in our collective consciousness. Practising Kalesvara mudra during meditation will help to open up your third eye ~ Kalesvara mudra improves memory, clears conflicting thoughts and helps to eliminate addictive behaviour, an overall calming mudra. In the above image painted by Art by Monica with the chakras in mind and the colours representing the fourth through the seventh chakras, each symbol is outlined in gold. The position of the hands creates a heart which is our anchor point between Earth and Sky.

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In the physical body, Aquarius rules the circulatory system, ankles, Achilles, calves, shins. In the energy body Aquarius relates to the root chakra (muladhara - root support) to strengthen your inner knowing that at your core, you are whole, worthy, good, and joyful. balancing this chakra will facilitate strong roots in the earth to keep you anchored during whatever electricity Uranus and Mars may conjure up in the cosmos this week. It's possible that these energies may make you more aware of currents and meridians running through the body, so we will explore some simple self care practices that you an do at home to settle and channel all of the increasing Air element (mental energy) with some Jin shin-Jyutsu (pictured above). This is an ancient Japanese hand massage technique ~ which is as simple as holding each finger gently for five minutes (or longer) you can move energy and shift your emotional body back to a calm state. Do one finger, all fingers, one hand, both hands, whatever feels right. This is a simple, effective exercise to do while watching tv, when you find yourself sitting and waiting somewhere, or while falling asleep.

So In astroyoga this week we will be rooting down through a grounding asana practice, calming our circulatory system through some self massage techniques and then rising up to explore the limitless spaciousness of the chidakasha in a deeply replenishing yoga nidra, to tune in to your evolving psychic powers and cultivate trust in your intuition. Root down to rise up.

Recommended essential oils for this practice ~ doTERRA Arise blend (lemon, grapefruit, siberian fir, osmanthus, melissa).

As always it is recommended to bring at least 2 blankets, bolsters or cushions, blocks or thick books for support during the practice. And of course plenty of water.

This practice will be relevant throughout 2021 so even if you miss the live zoom class on the 19th january, you can still request a recording.