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Take a leap of faith to manifest your heart wishes

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In AstroYoga this week we will be aligning with the potent creative energy of the waxing full moon in Leo which is peaking on 28th January 2021. around 19:16 GMT. If Aquarius is a gateway to our higher Minds then Leo is the key to our radiant Hearts. So Our practice this week is about uniting the higher visionary power of the Aquarius Sun with the courageous and compassionate nature of the Leo Moon.

Leo is Fire element and governs our sense of self and ego ~ manipura ~ Solar plexus ~ Third chakra ~


As Full Moons are times for shedding light on our subconscious patterns, This week's astroyoga invites us to reflect on Svadyaya or self-study and honestly look within and identify where our beliefs may have become rigid, preventing us from accessing our innate powers of creative manifestation.

When we commit to a regular yoga and meditation practice we embark on a seemingly never-ending journey of peeling layers away towards self awareness.. This involves tuning in as often as possible in quiet contemplation or meditation to become an objective observer and watching the stories we tell the Self about the Self. The more we practice, the easier it becomes to catch these stories as they arise and choose whether they serve our highest good. and if they do not then we can find ways to consciously release them. Tuning in to the mind’s patterns and any prominent recurring thoughts can reveal stories that are so deeply embedded in the psyche that they pass under our radar unnoticed more often than not. We can also do this through reading tarot when we first wake up, while the remnants of our dreams may still be accessible and doing stream of consciousness journalling.

In the physical body, Leo rules the heart, upper back, spine, spleen and wrists.

Our asana this week will focus on activating our solar plexus, inner sun to illuminate our radiant hearts in a light, joyful and playful practice:

  1. surya namaskar (sun salutations)
  2. vasisthasana (side plank pose)
  3. camatkarasana (wild thing)
  4. padahastasana (gorilla)
  5. ustrasana (camel)

pranayama Lion’s breath

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Many of my yoga students seem to get uncomfortable when I suggest this pranayama in class, precisely because it is so effective! This a powerful way to release the ego’s desire to “look” a certain way at all times. Sitting on the shins in virasana (hero’s pose) or with legs in utkata konasana (goddess stance), take a deep inhale through the nose. On the exhale, roar a rasping sigh banishing limiting beliefs, allowing the breath to escape from the mouth with tongue outstretched – like a lion! As my teacher says, if your chin isn't wet then you're not sticking your tongue out far enough. If you choose to sit on your shins, you can slap the ground with both palms as you roar forward. Traditionally one also crosses the eyes on the exhale. The idea is that by appearing “ugly” or “silly” we move even further into our practice as egoless yogis. This practice is fun play time with children, of all ages! Perfect for access the inner child and joy of this Leo Full Moon.

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The main message coming through for this Full moon in Leo is to KEEP BELIEVING IN YOUR SELF. Keeping moving forward. Keep the FAITH. Because there is so much more in store for us than we can possibly imagine right now.

But we need to TAKE COURAGE and say YES first and then learn to TRUST. As humans we tend to want new things to come through first and then we feel safe to say yes. But we are being challenged to learn how to say yes first and then allow the universe to make a demonstration of our innate powers to create our reality.

So for our off the mat practice this week, it's an optimal time to make a vision board or rewrite the script. Remember that when manifesting we need to stay open and flexible with the what, where, how and why and TRUST that the universe is conspiring in our favour. Take it easy on yourself, though. If you're not feeling energised by this full moon then use the time to rest and nurture yourself, particularly your heart. Leo is also about our inner child so you may find that some wounds may come to the surface that can be healed by you coming home to the abundant JOY in your heart.

To say that this has not been an easy time is an understatement. But we are collectively acquiring the skills necessary to become more at ease with the limitless potential of the unknown. There will continue to be uncertainty throughout this next year, and yet when we start to plant seeds of intention in our moon gardens we may start to realise that all of this time for self inquiry is giving us the strength, courage and wisdom to go far beyond the outer reaches of our imaginations and our RADIANT HEARTS.

So let your INNER LIGHT SHINE this week and tune in to LISTEN to your HEART WISHES. Allow your CREATIVE HIGHEST POTENTIAL to float to the surface.

Plenty of room to come and zoom with us LIVE each week on Transformation Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am GMT ~ or if you can’t make that time then you can practice this all week by watching the recording. Read my full blog post and if you feel called to book a live space or recording, all paths lead from clicking BELOW.

So much LOVE to you from Lou xoxox