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Self Care Practice

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Amidst the mounting fear about CoVID-19, I'm compelled to share some meditations and recommended best practices to help reassure and reinforce.

As always, I advise that we continue to prioritise Self Care and take a holistic approach to safeguarding our collective health and well-being. Self Care is not just about protecting ourselves individually, but about safeguarding our collective Self - with a capital S. So,, I've decided to offer all of my yoga and ELDOA™ classes online via ZooM until Easter. Zoom offers 2-way interactive video conferencing so I will be able to see clients and they will be able to ask me for help as well. It will also enable all of us to keep our sense of community strong while we are retreating to our home sanctuaries UNTIL the storm passes.

It is becoming clear that the best way for us all to help restore balance to the planet is for each and every one of us to stay home. Get centred and reconnect with our inner sanctuaries. So, I am crafting sequences that will help induce a deeply rooted sense of calm in the mind and body while also supporting your immune system and aiding sleep.

We all probably can recognise that fear is a very real part of what's happening at the moment, and hopefully we also Are aware that fear can play a major part in breaking down our immune system. During my classes, I talk a lot about the Mind Body connection and the potential for Sankalpa, or positive Intention, to support our health on a subconscious level. I gently remind you to practice Mindfulness as much as possible and whenever you notice yourself worrying, note any thoughts without judgement and recall your Sankalpa. For me, my current Sankalpa is, "I am grateful that I am well." Remember that the Sankalpa is most effective when in the present tense confirming that whatever you think you need support with, is already happening in your life. Last week, you may have seen that I shared my Metta Bhavana Loving Kindness meditation on Instagram - offering ways for us all to collectively raise the frequency out of fear by wishing ourselves and others in our lives well. You can read it by clicking HERE

On top of tending to our mental health, we can also support our physical health by following the below best practices ~

Stay Hydrated
The Coronavirus (and the influenza virus in general) is predominantly an airborne illness. According to recent research, drinking large amounts of water helps fend off airborne germs and supports us in maintaining a strong immune system. Hydration is essential in preventing the virus from attacking our system. So drinking at least 8 cups of water a day will help you avoid the flu, let your body recover after exercising, and keep your body running efficiently throughout this extreme flu season.

Vitamins, Supplements, Essential Oils & Nourishing Foods*:

  • Up your Zinc, Vitamin C, GARLIC, Vitamin A and D, intake.
  • Frankincense Essential Oil- If you feel the start of a cold or flu, one drop of doTERRA Frankie under the tongue can work wonders to boost your immunity naturally. Please note that doTERRA is the only brand of Essential Oils that are safe to take internally. You can buy veggie caps to create your own supplements if you feel safer ingesting that way.
  • Oregano Essential Oil is also a magical anti-viral that travels best into your system through the feet. Please take care when using because it is a hot oil that can irritate sensitive skin and therefore needs to be diluted with a carrier oil. Massage into your feet before bedtime and put our socks on so it can work while you sleep. Please remember to wash hands after applying to avoid getting on your face or in your eyes.
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Essential Oil if you start to feel a sore throat then gargling with just one drop in warm water is really effective at nipping it in the bud. Also, massaging all around the throat in a carrier oil. Please remember to wash hands after applying to avoid getting on your face or in your eyes.
  • Lemon ~ support your liver function and boost Vitamin C by starting your day with hot lemon water - ensure that you geT unwaxed lemons if you put slices in the cup. Otherwise squeeze the juice in to a cup before adding hot water. You can also use doTERRA's Lemon Oil if you're out of real lemons.
  • Green Smoothies - For my breakfast smoothie I use a Nutribullet but you can use any blender to mix spinach, ripe banana, organic blueberries, 1 or 2 medjool dates, raw ginger, 1 tbsp chia seeds, fill with filtered water, ice cubes plus optional extras: passion fruit, tangerine, local honey or maple syrup, 1 drop of DDR Prime Renewal Blend OR Ginger and Wild Orange oils.
  • Bone Broth - if you do eat meat then I recommend making your own detoxifying bone broth by boiling the leftover bones of a freerange organic chicken with carrots, celery, onion, garlic, raw ginger, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, parsley, thyme, bay leaves, 1 tbsp himalayan pink salt in 2 gallons of filtered water for 24 hours and adding 2 tspn organic turmeric powder in last hour. As someone who manages Hashimotos Hypothyroidism in my own body, I find that this recipe from Dr. Mariza Snyder really helps to restore balance and is delicious!
  • Read more ~ the medical medium has generously put together this guide to protecting ourselves from viruses ~> Click HERE

Staying active helps cleanse and release toxins. A moving body is a healthy body. A healthy spine is a healthy central nervous system is a healthy being. Where there is prana (chi or ki) there is wellness. I'm obviously biased, but Yoga and ELDOA work wonders. Here's a really cool article about how yoga supports your immune system ~> Click HERE

You must know this by now, but wash your hands. Again. And again. And again… if singing Happy Birthday I recommend the Stevie Wonder version (keeping things light with humour is also good for the immune system!) Personally, I don't use antibacterial hand sanitize because I believe it reduces our body's natural immune response. But I do use a natural purifying hand mist made with the doTERRA On Guard protective blend ~ Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, Rosemary. I think these are currently sold out, but you can make your own in a spray bottle by adding 5-10 drops of the On Guard blend to distilled water.

As Grandma used to say, SLEEP is the best medicine. Slowing down, resting and restoring strengthens our immune system. If you are having trouble sleeping then try legs up the wall or practice some Yoga Nidra for Insomnia on Insight Timer. I love this one ~> Click HERE
I plan to include restorative Yoga Nidra in every class that will be shared via zoom.


If the news on TV or Radio or in your social media feeds is making you anxious then it is healthy to give yourself a break. Try reading a book or if you must watch screens then be selective about what media you feed your minds. We are all connected and energy is contagious. Choose love over fear. Practise gratitude for the time we have to spend with loved ones at home. Recreate your inner sanctuary and enjoy.. If You're blessed to be living in the countryside then Wrap up warm and take a walk outside in the fresh air. If the sun is out then take the opportunity to soak in the rays.