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Spring is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere after a beautifully aligned Half Moon conjunct the North Node in Gemini on Ostara ~ the Vernal Equinox ~ ushering in a new astrological year with the beginning of Aries season. There is a celebratory atmosphere around us as Mother Earth stirs from her slumber; the birds are singing louder; hares are leaping through the meadows and the scent of blossom brings hope of longer sunnier days and better health. Aries being the first sign in the tropical zodiac represents our identity and as the Cardinal Fire sign ruled by Mars can often be seen as a Warrior archetype. The quest of the spiritual warrior is always to Know Thyself. Those of us drawn to yoga and meditation are committed to Self Study or in Sanskrit Svadyaya, which is why many of us through the process of daily practice awaken to the connection between our mental/emotional body and the astrological energies around us. As above, so below.
Since January I have been using the term AstroYoga to describe my weekly classes on Zoom, simply because it felt like an accurate description of what my practice has evolved into. But the more I write about AstroYoga, the more I realise that it is just another way of describing the interconnectedness and the oneness that we naturally discover through all forms of Yoga.

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From ancient times, Yogis have practised Ayurvedic medicine, the sister science also attributed to Patanjali, which is all connected with the Doshas, a system of balancing the elements within our bodies. We are all made up of varying degrees of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether, or Space. Through regular practice over many years, I have come to love connecting all of the dots and bringing the inner elements of the energy centres in my body into harmony with the outer elements as they dance and fluctuate in the universe. Ultimately, we are all seeking an equilibrium or inner peace, which is actually already within us. It is our task to identify and release all of the obstacles or blocks we may have inherited or created ourselves, in order to fully realise our true nature. Smile and the world smiles with you. When we cultivate inner peace within we experience it without.

All this week we will be feeling the pull of Grandmother moon waxing towards a harmonious Full Moon in Libra on 28th/29th March (depending on where you are in the world). We will feel the dualistic aspects of the yin and the yang of the Aries - Libra axis combined with other magical conjunctions forming a Grand Trine and Kite formation in the stars, promising to lift us all to see ourselves and the New Earth more clearly from a heightened perspective.


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This week the Sun in Aries joins forces with Libra's ruler Venus and Chiron, the Wounded Healer Asteroid, which will be a strong call to come home to what you know in your heart is right for you and your personal relationships. This conjunction acts as a mirror for the coming weekend's lunation enabling us to see how our relationships are a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Venus in Aries can be quite uncomfortable as she is the epitome of the Divine Feminine, so literally out of her element she will be exploring her masculinity within the fiery sign ruled by her archetypal opposite Mars. This is not necessarily a bad thing because it could bring up stronger feelings of independence and wholeness, activating the inner warrior goddess energy to stand up more courageously for our wants and needs. Venus is also the planet of money and value, as the ruler of Taurus, so in combination with the Wounded Healer Chiron juxtaposed with the Full Moon, we may realise the roots of any wounds around our relationship with money and self worth. This could also manifest as some kind of reward for learning to value what we have to offer the world by opening ourselves up to receive in ways that our limiting beliefs may have blocked before now. This aspect boils down to the simple yet nurturing and emboldening sankalpa (affirmation): "I am enough."


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Libra Full Moon Air Grand Trine

The upcoming Full Moon in Libra is made even more powerful as part of a supportive Grand Trine of all Air signs creating an equilateral triangle with Mars (action) conjunct the North Node (collective destiny) in Gemini and Saturn (stability) in Aquarius. So much Air element coming together has the potential to lift our collective frequency to higher states of consciousness, with improved clarity of thought and communication. Combined with the Sun-Venus-Chiron conjunction this could help us find new ways to communicate our needs more clearly and we may also experience profound realisations about how our thoughts create our reality. We will be reminded once more of the importance to show impeccability with our words, starting with refining the quality and tone of voice in our inner most thoughts which then radiates outwards in how we address others. Air element is associated with the East and Archangel Raphael so we could experience this Full Moon as an opening of the heart chakra with particular focus on how healing energy can extend through our hands with the actions we choose to take. Gemini is a mutable Air sign calling for mastery of adaptability, which we can all benefit from learning during these transitional times. Saturn introduces stability and endurance within the fixed Air sign of Aquarius, and will reward any long term plans involving innovation and using new technologies to help the collective. As we have just embarked on the beginning of the first astrological new year since the Great Shift to the Age of Aquarius, this first full moon feels like a significant turning point, casting a spotlight on any patterns or cycles of behaviour not serving us as individuals or as a community. We are being called to remember that we are always the source of our own self worth.

Kite Formation

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Libra Full Moon on 28th March 2021 at 19:48 GMT

As you can see in the chart for this Full Moon above, the aspects join up to create a Kite formation, so get ready for take off! But looking at this I'm reminded of the importance to stay grounded and nurture our stable foundations before spreading our wings to take flight. While Aries is fire element which lives in our bodies within the Solar Plexus, because so much of this Libra Full Moon energy is about finding our equilibrium, I am called towards a grounding practice this week for stabilising our roots in the Earth element, creating an anchor from which we can enjoy some playful yet steady exploration of our newly forming wings.

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This week I'm getting to know Patchouli because it is part of our next Plant Alchemy Circle led by Laura Horne from our Love Earth Collective this Saturday 27th March at 10am GMT on Zoom. Do get in touch if you would like to join and I am happy to send you a sample. Interestingly, in my favourite Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing book by Margaret Ann Lembo, Patchouli is listed as the oil of Love and Money, making it the perfect choice for this powerfully Venusian Full Moon.

While a very grounding aroma, Patchouli is uplifting and supports in raising consciousness, making us more aware of the present moment. It helps us to remember to live fully in the body and balances the root, solar plexus and heart chakras. So for AstroYoga practice this week I recommend applying 1-3 drops in a carrier oil to the base of the spine, solar plexus and heart. It is also very therapeutic for foot massage at the end of practice before putting your socks on for savasana. And of course this makes it a great choice for a foot rub at the end of your day before going to sleep.

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Diffuser blend

For a grounding yet refreshingly uplifting atmosphere while you practice this week:

3 drops Patchouli ~ Physicality

2 drops Lemon ~ Focus

2 drops Bergamot ~ Self Acceptance


My energy abounds! I'm self-motivated to be productive. My tasks and creative projects are completed with ease. I am a caretaker of the Earth and I take time to enjoy nature. My connection with the fairies is strong. I intimately know and trust my inner truth. I meditate regularly.*

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Make a list of 5 things (in honour of the 5 petals of the Venusian lotus) that you want to manifest over the coming astrological year.

Create loving mantras and affirmations in the present tense to remind yourself that you're ready to receive all that your heart is calling out for ~ Love, Health, Money, Partnership, Abundance... Remember that you are worthy.

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If all of this lights you up then I have plenty of room for you to come and zoom with us LIVE each week for AstroYoga on Transformation Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am GMT ~ or if you can’t make that time then you can still benefit from doing the practice by watching the recording. Each week's practice is choreographed to bring you into harmony with the cosmic energies of the whole week.

If you're experiencing financial challenges then reach out directly and I'm happy to share the practice to support you during these transitional times.

If you feel called to book a live space or recording, all paths lead from clicking the button below. Or if you have enjoyed reading this then enter your email below to subscribe to receive my weekly cosmic energy updates.

So much LOVE to you

Lou xoxox