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Spring Equinox

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Come Back To The Middle

We start the week with the waxing crescent moon in Aries, which may feel like a welcome fiery antidote to the emotional watery depths we have been swimming in with the Dark New Moon in Pisces over the weekend. We are now in the run up to the Spring Equinox, or Ostara which marks the beginning of Aries season on Saturday 20th March. This is the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Summer Solstice when day and night is equal, and the beginning of a new astrological year. After all of the emotional cleansing of a very potent Pisces season this year, we may feel more than ready to get our internal fires started this weekend. Aries is a warrior energy so in AstroYoga this week we will practice an energising, strengthening asana practice with some activating pranayama and as always closing with a restorative Yoga Nidra.

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For some time now I have chosen not to watch or read the news because I became aware that it was lowering my frequency, aka bringing me down. Instead, I hear the headlines via my partner, friends and family and if it seems important I will investigate further. So this weekend I got emotionally drawn into the tragic story of Sarah Everard and the inappropriate police response to a peaceful vigil in her memory at Clapham Common. The story was obviously triggering for women of all ages because we have collectively suffered the imbalance of the subjugated divine feminine for too long. It felt like this horrific crime committed by a police officer struck a nerve to wake a lot of women and men up, shifting the collective consciousness towards an urgent need to co-create a safer world for all.

But, some men felt it was unfair to lump them together with a psychologically disturbed individual. They couldn't comprehend why this brutal crime meant that they had to suddenly look at their own behaviour. Men are sometimes victims of sexual harassment and abuse too. Parents were being asked to educate their sons as if they are all bringing up rapists. Imagine being a teenage girl or boy right now, with many of them spending their whole lives relating to one another through screens. Of course it is important to cultivate a sense of equality and mutual support and protection in our children, but that works both ways. Or all ways. We haven't even considered how this dualistic way of seeing gender and sexuality affects those who don't fit neatly into boxes. The extreme response on social media had the effect of polarising men and women, which is actually detrimental to finding genuine harmony on this New Earth.

So, today I find myself being reminded to come back to the middle, and remember that the rise in the divine feminine will not fly without the divine masculine finding their voice as well. The energetic shifts are happening, whether people like it or not, so our task during these transitional times is to remain centred and grounded, find ways to transcend our differences and remember that we are all one. There is certainly a lot of healing still to do and many obstacles in our path, but from stable foundations together we rise.

Ostara Playlist

Please enjoy a selection of songs to flow through your practice this week.

Year Ahead Spread

On Tuesday 16th March Mercury enters Pisces enabling us to find new ways to communicate the emotional learnings from the past astrological year and process a final integration of the lessons. Ostara this year falls on a First Quarter moon in Gemini which is conjunct the North Node, our collective Soul Purpose. This next lunar cycle is building towards a Full Supermoon in Libra on 28th March, which is pulling us towards restoring balance in our relationships. Notice any extremes in your current life situation and find ways to come back to the middle. While a New Moon is a good time to set intentions, this waxing phase of the moon is when we can be inspired to take action on whatever it is we are manifesting for the coming astrological year. So, I pulled a Zodiac Spread which identifies Journal Prompts to help each sign get focussed. This spread can be read in various ways. If you have your birth chart then you can read for your Sun, Moon and Rising for the full picture. Or you could focus on Aries as the beginning of the year and look at which house it falls in your chart. (If you need help finding or reading your birth chart then get in touch.)_

Or you could use the entire reading as a forecast for what is coming up over the coming year. I chose Sarah Shipman's Our Tarot because it features powerful women who have helped shape history, in gratitude for their service to herstory.

Read below for details on each card.

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Aries ~ identity

IV WanDs ~ Corazon Aquino

Celebration ~ Harmony ~ Peaceful Community ~ Union ~ Divine Blessing

Journal Prompts:

What personal accomplishments have you neglected to celebrate?

What's the best way for you to reap the benefits so far?

Can you create a home to relax in and be proud of what is being achieved?

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Taurus ~ Value

Wheel of Fortune ~ elizabeth i

Destiny~ Luck ~ Change ~ Public Persona

Journal Prompts:

How can you better navigate the twists and turns of your life?

What forces are working with you or against you?

Realistically, what aspects of your life do you have a hand in creating and what must you accept as a matter of destiny?

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Gemini ~ Communications

Knight of cups ~ Sojourner truth

Spiritual Journey ~ Passion ~ Forgiveness

Journal Prompts:

What do you believe is your purpose?

How does that mission improve the quality of life for your community?

What actions do you feel called to take?

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Cancer ~ Home

The Fool ~ Joan Of Arc

New Beginnings ~ Starting Over ~ Personal Destiny ~ Spiritual Guidance

Journal Prompts:
What is your unique purpose?

What are the first steps you can take towards the fulfilment of that goal?

What or whom do you look to for direction?

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Leo ~ Creativity

THe Hanged Woman ~ Hypatia

Contemplation ~ Acceptance of Responsibility ~ Inaction

Journal Prompts:

What have you discovered in your observations of the many unions, divisions and dramas playing out among the people in your life?

Has your perspective changed?

Are you waiting for the right time and place to share your thoughts and opinions with them to get the most favourable response?

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Virgo ~ Healing & Routine

VIII Wands ~ Lyudmila Pavlichenko

Quickness ~ Rapid Change ~ New Communications ~ The Unexpected

Journal Prompts:

Do you trust yourself to make fast decisions when the moment calls for it?

What in your current life situation could potentially require a quick decision - and are you prepared for it?

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Libra ~ Relationships

Shadow VII Pentacles ~ Zora Neale Hurston

Exploitation ~ Obscurity ~ Lack of Achievement

Journal Prompts:

What have you done - even if it's just the tiniest act - that makes you proud?

Take out a sheet of paper and write a list.

What do you want to add to it?

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Satisfaction ~ Accomplishment ~ Good Health

Journal Prompts:

How can you better allow yourself to be pleased with your blessings and accomplishments?

What about your life fulfils you?

What personal wishes are you hoping to fulfil?

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Sagittarius ~ Philosophy

Shadow Knight of Wands

Hattie McDaniel

Frustration ~ Public Squabbles ~ Impediment

Journal Prompts:

Are there any people in your life whose judgement is adversely affecting you?

How can you put a safe distance between yourself and those who seek to hold you back?

What values do you consider important as you go about living your life?

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Capricorn ~ Ambition

Page of Cups ~ Dorothea Dix

Emotional Wellness ~ Nourishment ~ Offering Love

Journal Prompts:

What problems or obstacles do you face currently?

What can you do right now to progress out of that situation?

How can you use your experience as an opportunity to help others?

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Aquarius ~ Community

The Emperor ~ Victoria

Power ~ Authority ~ Leadership ~ Determination ~ Confidence ~ Wisdom

Journal Prompts:

How much importance do you place on being widely respected, recognised and admired?

What qualities do you possess that make you a good leader?

What are you weaknesses in this regard?

How can you adapt your role to benefit others and yourself?

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Pisces ~ Inner Life

Ace of Wands ~ Pearl Primus

New Ideas ~ Creative Sparks ~ Potential

Journal Prompts:

What inspires you?

How can you become more open to new creative ideas?
Which media will help you to best interpret and express those ideas?

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Theme For The Year Ahead

The Magician ~ MARIE CURIE

Dreams ~ Hope ~ Faith ~ Inspiration ~ Innocence ~ Peace

Journal Prompts:

How can you keep your own inner light bright during these times of turmoil?
What are you hopes and dreams?

How can you bring them to life on Earth?

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Ostara Essential oils

Diffuser Blend

Blue Tansy ~ Inspired Action

Coriander ~ Integrity

Roman Chamomile ~ Spiritual Purpose

Frankincense ~ Father Sky ~ Truth

Myrrh ~ Mother Earth

doTERRA Blends

Balance ~ Apply 1-3 drops to base of spine and bottoms of feet

Align ~ Apply to heart, solar plexus and middle of back

Forgive ~ Apply 1-3 drops with carrier oil or roll-on over heart, nape of neck (vagus nerve), wrists and behind ears

Adaptiv - Apply 1-3 drops to wrists and nape of neck (vagus nerve)

Ostara Affirmation

I am calm. I am at peace. I am content. I go with the ever-changing flow of life willingly and joyfully.

I breathe deeply and oxygen replenishes my body.

I feel protected.

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If all of this lights you up then I have plenty of room for you to come and zoom with us LIVE each week for AstroYoga on Transformation Tuesdays 10:00am-11:30am GMT ~ or if you can’t make that time then you can still benefit from doing the practice by watching the recording. Each week's practice is choreographed to bring you into harmony with the cosmic energies of the whole week.

If you're experiencing financial challenges then reach out directly and I'm happy to share the practice to support you during these transitional times.

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So much LOVE to you

Lou xoxox